Pablo Alboran – Prometo (2017, Vinyl LP+CD+Lithographs Box Set)

Pablo Alboran – Prometo Box Set

Sleeve Condition: Near Mint | Media Condition: Near Mint. Box set includes vinyl, 2018 calendar, 12 30x30 lithographs, music notebook and special edition CD. Will also include digital iTunes files with purchase.


Pablo Alborán has earned a devout fanbase hanks to his honest and pure songs. And just to continue delighting them with excellent songs, the Spanish singer took a good time off to define feelings and translate them into a new album titled Prometo (I Promise), released on Friday morning (Nov. 17).

Prometo, Alborán’s fourth studio album, contains twelve songs, including his three latest singles “Saturno,” “Prometo” and “No Vaya a Ser.” The set has mixed feelings going from love to passion, and even touches on political matters. It is a classic piece that makes you feel every emotion in another level.


  1. Saturno
  2. Prometo
  3. No Vaya a Ser
  4. Cuerda al Corazon
  5. Lo Nuestro
  6. Vivir


  1. Tu Refugio
  2. La Llave
  3. Idiota
  4. Boca de Hule
  5. Curo Tus Labios
  6. Al Paraiso

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